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3:16 Pond Management
Tony Beck - (706) 614-1281
Services provided: Balance checks, Fish Stocking, Pond Fertilization, Liming, Weed Control, Pond Aeration, Feeders, Management Plans, Water Quality Analysis
Service Area: Walton County and surrounding counties in Georgia
Certified: Advanced degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Aquatic Applicator

AAA Peach State Land and Water, LLC
Travis Ingram - Tifton - (229) 364-8147 and Albany - (229) 364-8147
Services provided: Electroshock analysis of fish population, balance checks, fish stocking, pond fertilization, liming, weed control, pond aeration, feeders, detailed management plans, free phone consultation
Service area: Statewide
Certifications and credentials: 30 years experience, Aquatic applicator, Advanced (Masters) degree in fisheries management, American Fisheries Society certified Associate Fisheries ProfessionalAquascape Environmental, Inc.

Absolute Equipment Service, LLC
Guy Miller: 678.850.8617 
Services Provided: A variety of land clearing, grading and earth-moving services including pond and lake construction, repair, and maintenance. In our work, we focus on using eco-friendly equipment and a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced staff to serve all your grading needs. We specialize in working with businesses, homeowners, engineering firms, HOA’s and individuals to deliver uncompromising quality and solid, satisfying results from the preconstruction phase until the finished product is achieved.
Service Area: North Georgia

Applied Aquatics Inc.
916 Ward Road, Warm Springs, Ga
Daniel Thomas: 706-562-4083,
Render Ward: 770-328-4434
Services Provided: Pond fertilization programs, aquatic weed control, population checks and management, limestone application, water quality monitoring, consultation, stocking of multiple species, feeder and aerator installations, dock installation, dam inspections, siphon and stand pipe work, fishing structures.
Service Area: West Georgia and some of Alabama
Certification: Licensed and Insured, Masters in Fisheries Science, Aquatic Herbicide Applicator License, +20 of staff experience, National and Georgia American Fisheries Society

Aquascape Environmental
605 Mauldin Drive, Suite B, Woodstock, GA 30188
(678) 445-0077
Services provided: Stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, sportfish, forage fish, fertilizer, feeders/equipment.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree, Erosion & Sediment Control, Lake Manager

Aqua Services Inc.
Bryan Goldsby
Services provided: 
Total lake and pond management: electrofishing surveys, fish stocking, all-female trophy bass management, experienced aquatic weed and algal control, identification and analysis of toxic cyanobacteria, aeration and fountain installation.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Combined staff experience of 50+ years. Advanced (Masters) degrees in fisheries and aquatic plant management. Licensed and experienced aquatic applicators. Chartered, licensed, certified, bonded, and insured throughout the Southeast.

Aquatic Edge
1510 Harmony Church Road, Monroe, GA 30655
(770) 853-8067
Services provided: Stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, sportfish, forage fish, fertilizer, chemicals, feeders/equipment.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

Aquatic Environmental Services, Inc.
2050 Howell Bridge Road, Ball Ground, GA 30107
(770) 735-3523
Services provided: Stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, sportfish, forage fish, fertilizer, chemicals, feeders/equipment.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

Aquatic Environmental Services Lake Management Division of AQUA DOC®
8302 Ball Ground Highway, Ball Ground, GA 30107
(770) 833-9230
(800) 689-LAKE (5253)
fax: (855) 286-1300

Aquatic Resource Management, Inc.
780 South Burnt Mill Road, La Fayette, GA 30728-4264
(706) 638-2277
Jim Caldwell
Services provided: Stocking, forage fish, electro-fishing, aquatic weed control, liming, fertilization, fish and wildlife feeders/repairs and maintenance, aeration systems, siphon/lake design, and renovations.
Service area: 200 miles of base
Certified: Herbicide Applicator, Advanced Degree

American Sport Fish Hatchery
P.O. Box 20050, Montgomery, AL 36120
(334) 281-7703
See website for email contact form.
Services provided: Fish stocking, electrofishing, pond management, aeration systems, fish feeders, dredging, pond liming.
Service area: No Restriction
Certified: Advanced Degree


Bluford Pond Restoration, LLC
15125 US-19 South 371
Thomasville, GA 31792
(229) 977-6419
Joel Morrell -
Services provided: Aquatic weed removal, Mechanical weed harvesting, water fountain and aeration systems.
Service area: Georgia, Florida, and Alabama.

Custom Outdoor Services, LLC
174 Westfield Rd. Leesburg, GA 31763
Craig Robbins — (229) 343-1491
Tracy Feltman — Chatsworth, GA — (706) 618-4308
Services provided: Sportfish and forage fish stocking, electrofishing, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, feeders and aerator monitoring and setup, management plans and advice.
Service area: Statewide
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

East Georgia Pond Management
2959 McCormick Hwy, Unit A
Lincolnton, GA 30187
(706) 962-1418
Services provided: Written Pond Evaluations, Pond Fish Population Balance Checks, Aquatic Vegetation Control, Fingerling Stocking, Pond Fertilization, General Consultation.
Service area: 50 miles
Certifications and Credentials: 24+ years experience, Masters in Fisheries Management, Aquatic Applicator License

Edge's Aquatic Services
2829 Briarcliff Rd., Soperton, GA 30457
(478) 697-8994
Kim & Keith Edge
Services provided: Stocking and Pond Management Services, Fish Hatchery including Minnows, Shiners, Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Shellcracker, Channel Catfish, Sterile Grass Carp, Crappie, Electrofishing services, Pond Lime, Pond Dye, Fish Kill, Feeders, Bug Lights, and Aquatic plant control.
Service area: Georgia, Florida, Alabama and South Carolina
Certifications: Aquatic Applicator


Estate Management Services, Inc.
John Crabb
305 Indigo Drive
Brunswick, GA 31525
(912) 466-9800; (888) 307-6637; FAX (912) 261-8882
Services provided: Algae and weed control, mosquito control, fish stocking, electro-shocking surveys, waste water management, water quality management, fountain and aeration sales and service, bare ground treatments, liming and fertilization. Pond dredging for sediment removal and deepening.
Service area: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas.
Certified : Aquatic Applicators

Fishsport, Inc.
P. O. Box 522
Hawkinsville, GA 31036
(478) 636-0685
Les Ager
Services provided: Consulting services specializing in trophy fish management, fish population analysis with electrofishing, balance checks using seines, lake and pond design, pond fertilization, liming, weed control, pond aeration, feeders, detailed management plans, free phone consultation.
Service area: Statewide
Certifications and credentials: 40 years experience, aquatic applicator, advanced degree (Masters in fisheries management), American Fisheries Society

F.M.S. Pond Management
Roger Harrell
245 West Field Road
Midway, GA 31320
(912) 318-3519
Services provided: Pond stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, grass carp, bass, bluegill, fertilizer, feeders/equipment.
Service area: No Limit


Garrett Pond Resources
David Garrett
(478) 636-9003
P.O. Box 1102
Watkinsville, GA 30677
Service Area: No limit
Service Provided: Electrofishing, management plans, pond stocking, sport fish, forage fish, fertilization, liming, weed control
Qualifications: Certified Aquatic Applicator, Licensed and Insured, Advance Degree

Georgia Plantation Solutions
Roger Burge
458 Riverbend Road
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
(912) 704-9201
Services provided: weed control, electrofishing, population analysis, stocking, liming, fertilizing, and water quality analysis.
Service Area: Southeast
Certifications: a licensed and insured aquatic management company

Georgia Water & Environmental Services, LLC
Burke Murph, PE, MBA, CAPA, President -  (478) 235-0307
Casey Piper, Certified Diver, Director of Operations (478) 319-1965 and
Services provided: Water Resources Engineering, Bid and Construction Administration, Environmental Permitting, Erosion and Sedimentation Control Design and Inspection, GIS Mapping, Pond Assessment and Consulting, Pond Fertilization, Lime Application, Aquatic Weed Prevention, Control, and Removal, Threatened and Endangered Species Survey, Water Filtration Installation, Wetland and Stream Delineation, Under Water Dam Evaluation, and Emergency Power Consulting (Solar, Natural Gas, etc.). Free On-Site Consultation in Georgia.
Service Area: Southeast
Certifications: Combined over 20 years experience, Certified Aquatic Pesticide Applicator (CAPA), Professional Engineer in States of Georgia and Florida, Masters of Business Administration, Certified Diver

Lake Doctors, Inc.
11621 Columbia Park Drive West, Jacksonville, FL 32258
(No Georgia office)
(904) 262-5500
(800) 666-5253

Lake Specialist
115 Crossfire Drive, Covington, GA 30014
Mark Rigglesford, (404) 644-6831
Jamie Dowd, (706) 318-0754
Services provided: Aeration, algae control, fish feeders, fish habitat, fountains, weed control, electro-fishing, habitat installation, liming, fertilization, fish stocking, dams and drains, lake management, water quality analysis.
Certifications: Certified Fisheries Scientist, Advanced degrees, Certified Aquatic Applicator


Outdoor Direction
1245 Threadgill Road, Greenville, GA 30222
(706) 289-1874 cell
David Beall
Services provided: “Turn Key” projects, from topographical map to trophy or quality lake. Site determination, watershed calculations, engineering, permitting, building to NRCS specifications, liming, stocking, fertilizing, management, weed and algae control, population dynamics, or any phase of these processes. Experience in lake rehabilitation.
Certificates: MFR from UGA, concentration in Fisheries, Timber and Wildlife

Owen & Williams Fish Farm
20 Fish Farm Road
Hawkinsville, GA 31036
(478) 892-3144
Brian Simmons
Service Area: Unlimited
Services: Fish Stocking and Fish Shocking (Electrofishing).
Certificates: Two with fisheries biologist degrees, aquatic applicator.

Piedmont Irrigation and Land Development Co.
Piedmont Dredging Co.

Joe Williams, 706-255-0776
Philip Capers, 706-410-0213
Services provided: We specialize in hydraulic dredging. Silt, sediment, and vegetation removal from water bodies. Dewatering bags and/or optional sediment retention to contain the pumped slurry for dewatering.  Low impact equipment access to the dredging sites.
Service Area: Georgia and across the Southeast

Prism Ecological Services, Inc.
(850) 562-2249, (229) 226-3888
Ken McInnis
Services provided: Wetlands restoration, over 27 years experience.
Service area: Southeastern U.S.

Quality Lakes, Inc.
2646 Langfordville Rd.
Ridgeland, SC 29936
Wade Bales
Quality Lakes website
Services provided: Aquatic weed control, Lake liming, Water quality management, Electrofishing, Fish stocking, Bathymetric mapping, Aeration and fountain design and installation.
Service area: Southeast
Certified: B.S.,M.S. Fisheries Management, Certified Commercial Applicators GA & SC, Insured.

Resource & Land Consultants
41 Park of Commerce Way, Suite 101
Savannah, GA 31405
(912) 443-5896
Russell Parr
Services provided: Pond management and maintenance including water quality monitoring, algae and plant pest control, liming, fertilization, GIS Mapping, fish aging, and balance checks.
Service area: No limit.
Certifications and credentials: Aquatic applicator, Advanced degree (Masters in fisheries management)

Southeastern Pond Management
9944 U.S. Highway 280 West, Auburn, AL 36830
(888) 830-POND, (334) 887-7663
Georgia Contact: Charles Driggers (
Services provided: 
Fish Stocking, electrofishing, balance checks, weed control, pond liming, pond fertilization, aerators, fountains, automatic fish feeders, grass carp, all species of fish for stocking.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree, American Fisheries Society Certified Fisheries Scientist, more than 60 years combined experience.

Solitude Lake Management
6835 Shiloh Road E, C-12
Alpharetta, GA 30005
(888) 480-5253
Services provided: Lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management programs, algae and aquatic weed control, mechanical harvesting, hydro-raking, installations and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, water quality testing and restoration, bathymetry, lake vegetations studies, biological assessments, habitat assessments, invasive species management and nuisance wildlife management, erosion control by SOX.
Service Areas: Nationwide to homeowners associations, multi-family and apartment communities, golf courses, commercial developments, ranches, private landowners, reservoirs, recreational and public lakes, municipalities, parks, and state and federal agencies.
Certificates: Expert staff of biologists, ecologists, scientists and qualified industry professionals, many of whom have a Master's degree or higher.

Southeastern Wildlife Service, Inc.
P.O. Box 451, Pine Mountain, GA 31822
(706) 663-4210, (706) 594-6858
Ray Sheppard 
Services provided: Management of lakes, stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, siphon installation. 
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

South Georgia Pond Management Co., Inc.
1431 Community Road
Glennville, GA 30427
(912) 654-4446, or (912) 237-6146
Dana Dixon
Services provided: Liming, fertilizing, aquatic weed control, written pond evaluations, chemicals, draining, restocking, fish eradication, forage fish, licensed fresh water fish sales.
Service area: 50 miles
Certified: commercial aquatic applicator, over 40 years of experience.

Southern Land & Water LLC
Coolidge, GA
Alan Dennard
Services Provided: Balance checks, water quality, chemical and mechanical weed control, aeration, stocking, liming, fertilizing, Under-water stump saw, pond and lake management.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Over 30 years combined experience. Advanced degrees. Commercial applicator.

Stockbridge Environmental Services
176 Shallowford Road, Kennesaw, GA 30144
(770) 592-5099
Services provided: Dredging and drain repair, standpipes, drains, siphons, trash racks. Pond and Lake Management Services.
Service area: 100 miles of base.
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

Thomas Aquatic Weed Control
4615 Burton Road
Barney, GA 31625
(229)775-2367, Truck (229) 548-3294
Services provided: Removal and control of pond weeds and algae.
Service area: South Georgia
Licensed and Bonded since 1997.

Trophy Pond Management
1329 Napier Lake Rd., Hohenwald, TN 38462
Services provided:  Stocking, electrofishing surveys, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, sportfish, forage fish, fertilizer, chemicals, feeders/equipment, aeration, pond and lake construction and repair. 
Service area: no limit.
Certified: Aquatic applicator, advanced degree in fisheries science, 23 years experience.

Ultimate Pond Care Service
23140 Woodland Trail, Hawkinsville, GA 31036
478-783-3700; 478-892-3144
Services provided: Stocking, balance checks, weed control, water quality monitoring, liming, fertilization, sportfish, forage fish, fertilizer, feeders/equipment.
Service area: No Limit
Certified: Aquatic Applicator, Advanced Degree

Wiregrass Ecological Associates
305 West Shotwell Street
Bainbridge, GA 39819
(850) 544-9163
Services Provided: Electroshocking , weed control, water quality monitoring, stocking, liming, fertilizing.
Service Area: No Limit
Certified: Masters in Fisheries, Certified Aquatic Applicator.